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Imperial Square Headers & Facia Combos


IMPORTANT STUFF:  (scroll down & click pics below for details & prices)

click here for architectural polymers = synthetic wood, consistency of white pine, interior/exterior

Lite weight, cuts like wood, will not crack, split or rot, Double primed & ready-to-paint, no specified lengths

Optional Class-1A fire-rated coating add 30%(Interior)  Necessary to use approved adhesive for warranty

click here for properties of GRG1 click here for Plaster-GRG2 = similar to traditional plaster, lighter & stronger, interior use

Glass Fiber Re-enforced Gypsum, Non-combustible, interior only, not primed, no specified lengths

click here for fiberglass properties = Resins/Glass Fiber, Strong & Lite, interior/exterior use, no specified lengths

click here for shipping details = Ship worldwide - smaller sizes via FEDEX, larger via Truck or Ship

Free Trade Product No Duties or Taxes*


for Prices click Pics below or Scroll Down on this page for Prices / Photos / Movies / Brochures




  REFERENCE MATERIAL  Click on the pictures below  
  click here for brochure pediments   click here for product by material type
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  Print Architectural drawings for pediments   How to Assemble you own

  doorway system:

  1) Print out the Architectural

       Layout Drawing

  2) Pick a Header & Pediment

  (or) a Header / Pediment Combo

  3) Add a 2 Side Pilasters 

  4) Add a Keystone and Shutters

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  How to Order Products 
    payment by MC/Visa with signed merchant sales draft

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  * Prices are net, Freight, Taxes & Duties charged where applicable otherwise client is responsible for remittance

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