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  Imperial Material Properties   

Products made from:   Wood / Fiberglass / ArchPolymerTM   / PolyCompositeTM   / PVC / Plaster / GRG / StoneMoldTM 



  Imperial Architectural Productions 



  click here for Imperial-Polymer Specifications    click for=> ArchPolymerTM Properties 

  ArchPolymerTM is a high density lite weight synthetic product with the similar density as white pine.

  It will not split, crack or rot.    All products come primed and ready to paint or faux finish. 

  It is water and insect resistant.  There are no specified sizes as all products are made from molds.  

  It is necessary to use the approved adhesive for warranty claims. ArchPolymerTM would not meet

  ASTM-E84 Fire specs thus it would need to be fireproofed for type 1 buildings

  click here for wood products   click for=>  Wood Properties

  Wood is a 100% renewable resource.  Products range from columns, corbels, and a variety of other

 architectural products.  There are 24 species used for fabrication by manufacturing.  


  PolyCompositeTM      click for=> PolyComposite Properties

  PolyCompositeTM is a FRP product consisting of gelcoat, polyester resin, and glass fibers.

  The resin is a byproduct of oil, natural gas, sand and other materials. 

  It is weather resistant and can be used in hurricane and earthquake zones and can be submerged in water

  There are no specified sizes as all products are made from molds.  

  A. Light weight: only 2 to 3 lbs per square foot

  B. High strength and low weight combination.  Stronger than steel - lite enough to make installation fast

  C. Easy Part consolidation - can be used to create traditional multi-tiered and multi-part cornices,

        columns in  one lift part

 D. Low to zero maintenance - long lasting

 E. Weather resistant strong enough to use in earthquake and hurricane zones

 F. Highly resistant for high impact areas such as shopping malls, public buildings

 G. Fire Resistant: Meets ASTM-E84 requirements - fire-retardant resins are used

 H. Can be submerged in water making it ideal for use in fountains and water displays

 I. Can be coated easily for desired color and texture



 ZeamentTM      click for=> Zeament Properties

  ZeamentTM is a lite weight composite consisting of Portland Cement, sand, aggregates, alkali resistant fiber, polymer, adhesives and

  water.  Glass fibers re-enforce the product resulting in a stronger material than normal  concrete.   ZeamentTM is a 1/2" thick laminate

  re- enforced with steel and usually installed by drywall, millwork and masonry contractors.  It is lightweight enough to reduce the

  amount of structural steel required for a building, much less than 40lbs per square foot for pre-cast concrete yet strong enough to be

  used in hurricane and earthquake zones.  GFRC can be used for columns, cornice, frieze, wall panels, domes, finals, pediments

  balustrades and more. 

  ZeamentTM can be supplied

     1) Smooth paint grade finish

     2) Internally pigmented in 12 colors

     3) Sandblasted to achieve the look of stone

  It is weather resistant and can be used in hurricane and earthquake zones and can be submerged in water

  There are no specified sizes as all products are made from molds.  


 GRG Glass Fiber Re-enforced Gypsum   click for=> GRG Properties

  GRG is a composite consisting of alpha gypsum cement and water, re-enforced with glass fibers. 

  An ideal choice for replacement of traditional plaster.  GRG is 3/16" thick laminate that can be re-enforced with wood or

  steel by others.   It is used for columns, vaults, domes, coffers, light coves, moldings and many other architectural

   products. There are no specified sizes as all products are made from molds.  

  A. Light weight: only  2 to 3 lbs per square foot.

  B.  Can be installed using standard fasteners and joint treatment materials supplied by others. 

  C. Abuse resistant requiring low maintenance.  

  F. No odor, no emissions, non-toxic

  G. Finish: Can be coated to achieve any desired color and texture

  H. Fire Resistant: Meets ASTM-E84 requirements

  I. Odorless and emission free - safe for indoor use

  J. Interior use only, not suitable for inside swimming pool areas 


 StoneMoldTM  click for=> StoneMoldTM Properties

  StoneMold-IITM is an Architectural artificial stone product.  It is an interior molded stone composite consisting of alpha

  gypsum cement pigment aggregate, water and polymers.  It is for interior use only.  

  It does come with a clear sealer satin finish.   There are no specified sizes as all products are made from molds.  

    A. Light weight: only 2 to 5 lbs per square foot

    B. Interior use only very durable

    C. Made with reinforced glass fiber and sealed with clear finish

   ResinMoldTM    click for=> ResinMoldTM Properties

 Flexible molding for Arches, Curves and Straight Lengths.  A high quality flexible synaptic polymer Solid Material like artificial wood

 (not hollow shell) for flexible moldings.  Interior & Exterior Insect, rot and water resistant.  Primed Tan Color, Paints well with oil paints

 or Stains.  Re-Prime with multi use primer  for water base paints.  Not good for clear coating.  Custom made as per the radius.



    Traditional Plaster 

         click for=> Plaster




     click here for fiberglass products   click for=> Fiberglass Properties




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