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Imperial Production Materials

 Imperial Productions® 

  Select the Right

 Material for

 the Right





 When you need to make an architectural statement, in your home or commercial remodel,

 Imperial Productions® is the solution based source for products.  We address your needs

 and apply the correct material to the application



 Natural Green Hardwoods

  24 Hardwoods 


 Hardwood is Environmentally Friendly 100% renewable resource Available 100's of moulding

 profiles - Smooth, Embossed & Carved For full customization, hardwood is the best product

 for making Columns and Pillars - Tuscan smooth columns  Fluted columns

 Reeded Columns and  rope spiral columns  porch posts and railings & balusters


 For Rotted Column Bases Hardwood, when chemically treated provides brand new replacement

 Attic Bases and Tuscan Bases


 For store fixtures and kitchen cabinetry wood cannot be surpassed. Items like mouldings  bar rail 

 panel molds  carvings  corbels and kitchen posts  furniture legs  are all hand crafted in hardwoods





 Polymer Based Materials






 ArchPolymerTM a synthetic material with the same consistency as white pine. It is rot, insect and

 water resistant, cuts like wood and comes white primed. 


 It is great for Interior Design and Interior Decoration elements such as ceiling medallions ceiling domes 

 niches & alcoves  crown molding  friezes casings  Boiserie - the art of wall and ceiling decoration 


 Weather resistant for Commercial and Residential Exteriors Products include

 exterior building facades  railings & balusters  door pediments and pilasters  dentil on board  vented Soffits

 Fishscale  modillion blocks  triangle brackets  Gingerbread and Fretwork






 Laser Cut from Polymer Composite large sheets

 Gingerbread, Square Column Covers,

 Large Custom Architectural Decorative Elements



 Flexible ResinMold®



  ResinMold® is a flexible synaptic polymer with memory custom made trim for curves and arches

 and circles, it is stainable with a gel stain and paintable


  There of 1000's of profiles in Mouldings for straight lengths curves, arches and circles

  ResinMold® is ideal for curved crowns   arched window casings 

  curved friezes   flexible medallions for vaults and coffers

  curved baseboards & quarter rounds  arched casings 


  Arches and circles (ie 2 mirrored arches) are made as per the radius.  Machinable ResinMold® are

  blanks to make your own molding


  Here is a page for how to measure for arches



 Resin & Glass Fibers



 Fiberglass is available both unfinished and gelcoat colored.

 Select RAL numbers for color matching.


 Exterior load bearing domes and interior domes are found



 There are 100's of models in load bearing fiberglass columns






 Gypsum - Fiberglass Based



 FRP-PolyComp,   FRP-FiberComp (Exterior/Interior)

  PolyCompTM  FiberComp  is an FRP Product for load bearing columns. 

  It is made from calcium carbonate, 5% marble chips and resin Strength and durability makes it suitable

 for commercial applications  It is Class A - ASTM-E84 fire rated


 There are a huge number of load bearing column on



 GRG-NeoPlasterTM     Interior Use

 GRG-NeoPlasterTM is a Light Weight Alpha Gypsum strong enforced plaster material that

 meets Class A - ASTM-E84 fire codes. It is 2-3lbs per sq foot for interior architectural elements such as

 interior ceiling domes  mouldings  ceiling medallions   light valences  light coves 

 coffered ceiling panels  ceiling vaults  coffered segments  and ceiling bulkheads





   Interior Use

 StoneMoldTM is an artificial stone product Interior use, 11 Finishes  

 Meet ASTM-E84 fire code rating Almost any product can be custom made in this material







 Concrete Based



 Exterior Use

  ZeamentTM is an composite mix of Portland cement and poly-resins, a  stone-like product

  good for fountains and other exterior applications - 12 finishes  Meet ASTM-E84 fire code rating







 Tin Plated on Steel




 Stainless Steel   


 Copper Plated on Aluminum   



 The Material Summary






Traditional Plaster


 Plaster is a Heavy Alpha Gypsum. It is re-enforced with fiber

 It meets Class A or ASTM-E84 fire codes.

 Traditional plaster is far more fragile than GRG.









 Metal Panels     Movies & Info Pages         


 Metal panels are available in a variety of products in

 aluminum, copper and tin on steel


 Tin ceilings provide a classic design look for both residential and

 commercial projects.   They are not limited to a classic style as

 Imperial Productions®  has a vast selection of modern patterns.


 For Custom work:

 Just imagine your corporate logo stamped into metal panels or

 an historic reproduction of a building metal cornice



 The tin plated on steel, solid-copper, copper plated and

 aluminum collection is great for residential  kitchens, 

 commercial coffee houses, bars, restaurants and retail stores

 Use them on walls and ceilings.  Discover how you can change a

 room's appearance simply by adding our Tin Panel Collection


  learn about alumium material properties  learn about copper material properties  learn about real tin properties




 Stainless Steel   Movies & Info Pages  


 Imperial has a wide variety of  column covers for structural

 concrete pylons and stainless steel railings


Read about Stainless Steel Columns and Railings


 Aluminum Grills         Movies & Info Pages


 Building Facade computer cut perforated panels with 2 part poly paint

 finishing is a unique way to design the exterior of a building

 Here is a great page to explore Building Facade Grills 






 EPS                   Movies & Info Pages 


 EPS is a styro-foam coated in either plaster or cement

 EPS in plaster has integrated mesh to make it rigid cut

 with a diamond blade

 EPS in cement is for exterior applications and is available

 in mouldings and columns

 The inside foam substrate does not meet class A requirements



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