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Wall decor decorative elements for fabulous walls


   appliques for furniture and building components

    corbels and consoles for kitchens, doorways and buildings   Wall mouldings creates an intimate atmosphere

 use medallions on the wall as a decorative accent

    metal panels known as tin ceiling are great on walls
      open grills for room dividers and building exteriors   solid panels for walls and decks       Large variety of pilasters, fluted panel, smooth for facades 
   Use quatrefoils for window decoration or on the side of a building wall   Modern fire rated wall panels   wall niches and alcoves    wall rings for outside walls  





 Medallion Rosettes

 A new decorating trend has emerged to use

 medallions on walls. Well actually it is not new

 simply revisited from classical times. Medallions

 were used on the entablature in classical buildings

 known as a patera.

 Today, for commercial  applications we offer

 GRG-NeoPlasterTM in custom sizes and shapes.

 Simply tape and mud them into place on a wall.

 ArchPolymerTM also can be fire rated for

 commercial applications




  Wall Panels

  Meeting Class-A fire rating, this wall curtain

 panel is perfect for any commercial space.

 Made from GRG-NeoPlasterTM it is durable

 lite weight and fire rated. Create a neutral

 backdrop for artwork or simply separating

 spaces within a room. Specify sizes, shape or

 unique designs for quoting




  Boiserie - Wall Mouldings

 Reproduce old world charm with mouldings

 on the walls.  Let Phi - the golden rule guide

 you in laying out the wainscot, baseboard,

 panel molds and modillion blocks. By adding

 detail to a wall the space appears larger and

 certainly more elegant


 For the stairs, consider a ceiling medallion

 on the back of the staircase and panel

 molds applied to the drywall. Painted with

 a uniform color it creates an elegant space
















 By adding details, non dressed areas

 become larger. In this case the

 designer divided the bulkheads with

 large casings featuring ceramic







 Open Grills

 Create intimacy by dividing

 spaces, yet not blocking the

 view with open grills. For

 commercial spaces, we

 recommend aluminum grills with

 2 part automotive poly paint

 finishes baked for durability

 not powder coating that peals

 with time




  open frames with grill work for the wall

 Open Frames

 Create an illusion of a window with 

 an open frame with grill work. We

 can produce any design you specify

 for the wall. Consider backing the

 faux window with a mirror.






  Wall Rings


  Wall Rings have been used in ancient times

  to be faux windows or disks that resemble

  the pateras on the entablature of a classical





 wall niches creates a faux entry

 Wall Niches

 For interior spaces or garden environments

 niches are perfect for statuary, vases or

 artwork.  Incorporate them into flat walls

 or corners.  For commercial applications

 specify fire rated GRG-NeoPlastererTM






 Tin Wall Panels

 Tin ceiling re-invented for wall

 application. Create a mirror like

 feature that is durable and reflects

 light. Multiple patterns are

 available from classic tin ceilings to

 modern designs. Made from real tin

 plated on steel meets Class A fire

 code - no polymers



 a decorative element on a structure in mexico city, the quatrefoil is a perfect decorative element


 A traditional southern element used on many

 buildings in Mexico or the south west USA. The

 quatrefoil is a perfect design element to decorate

 a wall








 Factory Finishes & DIY Paints  


  Real metal coatings on any Imperial Product



  metallic leaf for tin panel painting








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