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Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc Architectural Products


 Imperial Productions®

 Freight, Packaging & Customs

 USA from New York

 Canada from Toronto







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 Freight Rates

  Where we Ship to  Border Issues & Freight Security
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  Imperial Productions®                                

 Covid 19 Pickup Procedures          


  Products can be ordered on line and picked up at curb side for prepaid orders only

  Call from your car cell phone when in our parking lot

  One of our associates will put your order on the door step in the shipping area

  We respectfully request that you do not engage our shipper personally and maintain physical distance

  any questions call us from your cell phone 

  There are no returns on orders





  Imperial Productions®                                

 How we Ship and what you pay for            


   Imperial Productions and Distribution Inc co-ordinates freight for our

  clients.  We make a huge attempt at finding the most reliable freight

  carriers at fair and economical freight rates.


  We only use trusted secure and vetted freight carriers that have insurance on the architectural

  products we ship. All quotes include both freight, border clearance papers, expert packaging and

  insurance for delivery. All products shipped require a signature on receipt.


  Deliveries are made to job sites, commercial buildings and homes nationally and internationally.


  Shipments can be courier, LTL or Full containers. 


  For international shipments our expert brokers clear your goods so

  that you do not have to be concerned with border issues. 




  Imperial Productions®  

 Depot Pickup vs Home, Site or Warehouse delivery


  You can pick up goods from our two depots in Buffalo or Toronto or a

  logistic depot such as a Fedex warehouse to save money.


  Always remember that for depot pickups, all wood crated goods require you to bring

  a regulation truck at truck bay heights with a pump truck on the van or truck itself. 


  Remember if you delay in picking up from a warehouse longer than 24 hours

  you might be charged for storage fees or redirection to a holding warehouse which

  is not part of your quoted freight costs, thus an extra fee will be levied.


  It is your responsibility to load your own vehicles. Imperial's staff is not authorized

  to touch your car, truck or van.   Any products attached to the roof of your vehicles

  is your responsibility - if it does not fit rent a van or have us freight it to you. 


  Pick Up Location Details




  Imperial Productions®  

 How Freight Rates are Calculated                


  Our freight brokers find the least expensive reliable carriers for you.


  Dimensional Weight and Freight Rates

  Always remember that freight is based on dimensional weight, not just

  the size and real weight of the crate or package is. 


  Dimensional weight is all about the concept of a ton of feathers vs a ton of lead.

  Obviously the ton of feathers is huge while the ton of lead is small.  


  So when calculating the volumetric weight it is priced with the following formula

  ( Length x Weight x Height ) divided by 139.  


  You must specify at the time of your quote if you need the following

  which engages extra charges.

    a) Notification and appointments for delivery times

    b) Residential vs warehouse delivery

    c) Tailgate or assistance from the driver 


  Redirection:  Once goods have left our depots you cannot redirect products

  or order extra services from the freight carrier without immediately informing

  Imperial and paying for the extra service.  

  All carriers are instructed not to take direction from the consignee.


  Any freight changes will be charged to the client immediately prior to delivery.




  Imperial Productions®  

 Insurance & Freight Damage


  All freight is shipped with freight insurance against damage during transport. 

  Photographs are taken of the goods, the number of goods, the packaging with



  Freight Claims for Goods Damaged or Lost in Transit:

 All sales are EXW warehouse.

 All items are inspected & photographed prior to shipping.

 When the carrier accepts product, all risk reverts to the purchaser.

 Imperial is not responsible for any damage that incurs in transit, concealed or

 otherwise or delays caused by the carrier.


 All goods should be unpacked and inspected immediately upon receipt.  Any and all

 damages should be noted on the Bill of Lading when product is delivered. If the client

 gives the transportation company a clear receipt for goods received that have been damaged

 or lost in transit, the client does so at their own risk and expense.


 All claims are with the freight carrier not Imperial.

 For most freight carriers, claims must be made within 8 working days.

 If an order is refused, all transit & storage fees are the responsibility of the client.

 All charges from the carrier will be immediately charged to the client's credit card for the

 duration of the storage.




  Imperial Productions® 

 Security and Safe Transport & Fraud Protection


  quality secure shipping and packing



  Imperial Productions and Distribution Inc is a trusted reseller and CPAT

  compliant.  Shipments go from New York and Toronto with all necessary

  paperwork.  All goods are inspected by us, photographed, measured and

  weighed prior to shipping.    Any goods can be stopped by border security

  or domestic security anywhere anytime.  


  All products are photographed for quantities and content 

  This proves to you what we shipped to you with counts of the items 

  Photographs with measurements ensure the size confirmation of the

  crate for the trucking company verification of size.







  Imperial Productions® 

 Where we Ship to  


  Imperial ships to 16 countries by courier, ship, and truck.

  Shipments go from our depots in New York and Toronto with all necessary

  paperwork.   Courier direct, 3 day or next day are available as per the courier's

  freight schedules, terms and conditions.


  * Caribbean & South America shipments from Miami

  * European shipments leave from Halifax by Ship

  * Far East via Vancouver or LA




  Imperial Productions® 

 How we Pack Columns                                                                        


   Imperial Productions takes special care for column shipping.  Wood columns are

  all separately packaged in sonotubes with the ends secured with wood plates for

  buffers to prevent damage.  Some columns go by Common courier others are

  put on skids for truck shipment. 






  Imperial Productions® 

 How we Pack Domes                                   


   Domes are usually segmented and each segment is packed

   in isolation for safe shipping.


  Domes must be wood crated and require truck freight.


  Domes are never shipped by

  courier as they will arrive damaged.  




  Imperial Productions® 

 How we Pack Moldings                                


  Most mouldings under 8 feet can ship by common courier

  We pack these mouldings in bubble wrap and sometimes add chipboard to keep them

  stiff to avoid bending breakage


  Items like GRG-PlasterTM tends to be more fragile than metal products.  We take extra care

  in bubble wrapping each piece and though isolation method packing, build wood

  crates for the goods.  see below







  Imperial Productions® 

 How we Pack all Large Items                          


  All products are wrapped and placed in a wood frame crate made on skids.

  Finally chipboard is placed around the frame with "do not stack" and fragile signs

  applied   All crates must be moved on a pump truck  with the receiving truck having

  their own pump truck on board - do not send vans to pickup crates from any depot.






  How to Order Products  1-800-399-7585     416-264-6096  


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  * All Prices & specifications in this website subject to change without notice

  * Prices are net, Freight, Taxes & Duties charged where applicable otherwise client is responsible for remittance

  * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

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