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Imperial tin ceilings

   From $ 2.17*  per Square Foot

  From 1.67*  per square Foot

 * Price FOB Factory: Panels Prices Vary per model - Price Based on Volume Order


Real Metal:  Tin / Aluminum / Copper


  90 classic nail up panels   Imperial Coffer Panels 2 feet x 2 feet

 90 Imperial modern inspired nail up panels 24" x 24"

  double Imperial metal panels for nail up application
  Kitchen Backsplash panels will not rust   Double backsplash panels from Imperial    Imperial Drop in panels for Tbar Ceilings   T bar Grid middle and perimeter 50 Finishes   collection of ceiling medallions from tin, copper, aluminum
 Crown mouldings for tin ceilings   Filler panels for perimeter installions   Installation Notes and methods   custom commissions for metal panels     Large selection of paints for Tin Ceiling panels



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    watch youtube movie all about tin ceilings





  Price Books


   Canada $




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   200 Metal Panels


 * 90 Finishes

 * Nail Up / T-Bar Drop In

 * Kitchen Backsplash / Double Panels 

 * Brochures & Movie Links

 * Prices - FOB Factory Direct




    US $




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  200 Metal Panels


 * 90 Finishes

 * Nail Up / T-Bar Drop In

 * Kitchen Backsplash / Double Panels 

 * Brochures & Movie Links

 * Prices - FOB Factory Direct





 Panels By Style

 click pics for the collection 



  classic large pattern panels


  Classic 24" x 24" Panels


   click for 75 Patterns




  Modern tin panels with large repeat

    Modern 24" x 24" Panels  


   click for 54 Patterns




   coffered metal panels

   Coffered 24" x 24" Style 


 click for 13 Patterns    






  click pics for the collection 



   fillers and rolls

   Filler Panels & Rolls 


 click for 16 Patterns    



   crown moulding in tin and copper

   Crown and Cornice 


 click for 13 Patterns    



   group of 4 metal panels

   Metal Medallions 


 click for 2 Patterns    


 frieze in tin aluminum copper  



 click for 3 Flat Patterns    



 Finishing & Install

 click pics for the collection 


 Specialty Paints for Tin Panels

   Paints for Metal Panels 


 click for Specialty Paints    



   Notes on DIY for Metal Panels 


 click for Notes 


 installation instructions about metal panels

   Install Notes and Tools 


 click for Page 


 FAQ questions about tin panels

   Frequently Asked Questions


 Framing Products  click pics for the collection 


    casings to frame metal panels

    panel molds to frame tin panels


  ceiling coffer kit to frame tin panels


 add tin ceilings to coffer frames   coffered frames with medallions  





 Imperial design ideas

   Problems Solved for Decorating Stores, Restaurants, Bars, Walls, Kitchen Counter Backsplashes, Inside Ceiling

  Coffers,  Bathrooms, Hotel Lobbies  Historic Reproductions for Building Cornice & Metal Signs


  * The largest selection of Metal panels, Crowns & Frieze

     on the market with Modern and Classical Designs


  * Nail Up and T-Bar Drop in Panels and Acoustical Sound Panels


  * Aluminum & Copper Panels that will not rust for Bathrooms,

     Kitchens and Under Decks and Front Entrances


  * Frame the panels with Coffer Kits and Moulding Casings & Panel Molds


  * Ease of Install for the DIY using the Interlock panels


  * Custom Historic Reproductions for Building Cornice


  * Your Source for Metal Panel Specialty Primers & Paints for the DIY

     and Commercial Factory Finishes ready to install




 Re-Discover Tin Panels

 When you think of tin ceiling panels,  one thinks of a stately Victorian home.

 In fact, today's tin panels provide a varied look for both residential and

 commercial establishments; from modern to traditional design.

 Imperial Productions® offers  the most extensive line of Tin Panels for ceilings and

 walls with 90 Finishes.  There are 300 Standard Models or custom designs made to

 your specifications. All can be painted or faux finished


   Select from 

  * Tin Plated on Steel

  * Aluminum that will not rust for interior & exterior applications

  * Copper Plated & Solid Copper for interior & exterior


 Apply our Coffered Frames with metal inserts to create the most beautiful ceiling details.

 Tin Panels were invented as a Ceiling decoration without the work of plaster craft persons.

 Tin Panels are perfect for walls, Kitchen backsplashes and ceilings, Home & Commercial

 Bars, Retail Stores, and even the underside of Residential Decks and entrances.


 Imperial offers:  Nail up,  T-Bar Drop-In,  Crowns,  Frieze












Imperial Tin Ceiling and Panel Collection   Imperial Productions ®   

  Imperial Tin Ceilings & Panels

  Tin, Copper, Aluminum

  Kitchen Backsplashes




  How to Order Products  1-800-399-7585   


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