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Corbels and pilaster consoles hand carved and composite materials

 ArchPolymerTM / GRG-NeoPlasterTM / Flexible ResinMold® / GFRC-ZeamentTM

Galvanized Metal / Copper / Brass / Zinc


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  Acanthus style corbels hardwood and composite materials

   Corbels in the Biedermeier Style Hardwood and composite

    Mission style corbels hardwood and composite

 open bracket corbels

  Statuary corbels hardwood and composites

  Vineyard style corbels   Ionic Scroll corbels used on building facades     Victorian corbels for porches and gingerbread on facades       Consoles for pilasters
  brackets for facades    triangle brackets for facia to wall connection    Modillion blocks composite material     




How to Order Custom Corbels

  Custom designs and sizes for corbels

  Explore custom materials for corbels    Custom Historic Reproductions    Custom metal coated corbels




Where to Use of Corbels & Consoles

Corbels are used in both interior and exterior applications. They can serve as a practical element to hold weight or act as an illusionary element pretending to hold loads. Corbels tend to have greater width than the slim consoles used in plaster decoration. 


 We offer them in various materials including 24 Hardwoods,

 GRG-NeoPlasterTM, GFRC-ZeamentTM, and ArchPolymerTM

 that can have numerous textures. Galvanized metals are also available




    Imperial Productions Corbels and Consoles





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  200 Corbels & Consoles


 * Corbels for Kitchens, Bars, Building Facades

 * Mission Style, Scroll, Decorative Corbels

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 Steel brackets for corbels

   Frequently asked questions about corbels






 Corbels create interest and an illusion of support in Cabinetry, Room Dividers

 and Entrances. For Building Facades add a Console to a Pilaster around a door.

 Modernism is enhanced by adding this simple detail - it does not have to be

 from classical influences as in the case of Plain Mission Style. 

 In a practical sense corbels can be shelf and bar supports by adding

 1/4" Steel Brackets routed into the back of the corbel.


 Custom orders are welcome for smaller quantities to make your vision a reality.

 Select from an abundance of carved Hardwoods, GRG-NeoPlasterTM,

 ArchPolymerTM (a synthetic woodGFRC-ZeamentTM, Fiberglass


 Finish your corbels with Specialty Paints and Real Metal Coating 




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