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300 Ceiling Medallions Modern to Classical

  made from ArchPolymerTM / GRG-NeoPlasterTM / Flexible ResinMold® / Metal


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  Custom sizing, fire rating, split in half medallion for easy install   materials include ArchPolymer, GRG NeoPlaster, Flexible ResinMold for vaulted ceilings  looking for wood change the texture to resemble wood Historic reproductions are our specialty for ceiling medallions     Have your medallion coated in real metal



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     FAQ medallions how to size a medallion installation tips

     Explore the design principles about ceiling medallions

  learn about the history of the ceiling medallion
     Learn how to size a ceiling medallion     Install notes for ceiling medallions


                             beautiful dining room ceiling medallion with an opera chandlier

Imperial offers the  most extensive line of Medallions for ceilings and walls.   Existing Medallions can be made larger with various expansion rings   We offer custom made and historic ceiling medallion reproductions.  Materials include GRG-NeoPlasterTM, ArchPolymerTM,  carved wood, and a Flexible ResinMold® for vaults.


Ceiling medallions were invented as fire barriers for candle & gas chandeliers. Unlike large palaces, the emerging homes of the 1700's had lower ceilings. For practical reasons medallions were 2/3rds larger than the fixture at it's widest point so the ceiling would not burn.  For decorative purposes this size complied with the design parameters of Golden Rule of Design






Ceiling Medallions in plaster and ArchPolymer

  Imperial Productions ®   

  300 Ceiling Medallions

 & Rings sold worldwide




 Imperial Productions®

 Ceiling Medallions sold in 16 Countries

 Ceiling Medallions Toronto, Ceiling Medallions Montreal, Ceiling Medallions Calgary,

 Ceiling Medallions Vancouver, Ceiling Medallions Atlanta

 Ceiling Medallions New York, Ceiling Medallions Chicago, Ceiling Medallions Miami,

 Ceiling Medallions Tampa, Ceiling Medallions Philadelphia, Ceiling Medallions Los Angeles

 Ceiling Medallions Houston, Ceiling Medallions San Francisco,

 Ceiling Medallions New Orleans, Ceiling Medallions Denver, Ceiling Medallions Boston

 Ceiling Medallions Mexico City,  Ceiling Medallions Amsterdam,

 Ceiling Medallion London,  Ceiling Medallions Sydney Australia, Ceiling Medallions Tokyo

 Ceiling Medallions Paris, Ceiling Medallions Frankfurt, Ceiling Medallions Rome

 Ceiling Medallion Dubai, Ceiling medallions Bahamas


 Standard and custom medallions are Perfect for new construction, home remodeling

 Commercial or historic retrofit





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