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 1) What is ResinMold®   


  ResinMold® is a flexible synaptic polymer with memory custom made trim

 for curves and arches and circles, it is stainable with

 a gel stain and paintable. Some profiles come with a wood grain.


 There of 1000's of profiles in Mouldings for straight lengths curves, arches

 and circles and custom profiles as well. We can create flexible medallions for vaulted ceilings





 2) What Products are Available in ResinMold®   


  ResinMold® is ideal for curved crowns   arched window casings 

  curved friezes   flexible medallions for vaults and coffers

  curved baseboards & quarter rounds  arched casings 


  Arches and circles (ie 2 mirrored arches) are made as per the radius.    

  Machinable ResinMold® are blanks to make your own molding


  We can match any profile you may have.


     You can make your own mouldings from Machinable blanks


  Go to the Full Page=> ResinMold.com





 3) How to Measure Arches  


 Connect to Page for Forms      how to measure for arches




 4) Install Notes for ResinMold®   


  ResinMold® is flexible, however for arches it should be made as per the radius. 

 For concave and convex curves it will flex to the curvature.

 Since it is flexible it takes the shape of the substrate, therefore the substrate must be flat.


    Use the approved adhesive to glue the back of the moulding



 Use a brad nailer with thin pins.  Find a spot on the sides and pin it on an 

 angle. Try to avoid pinning on the flat face. 

 If you pin on the surface it might leave dimples. 







 Fill the sides with spackling compound to seal the gap between

 the substrate and the moulding






  Use a gel stain or paint after the moulding is installed.  Do not paint prior to putting up

  because it may crack the paint as you flex the moulding 




  5) Material Overview ResinMold®

  Interior and Exterior  

 ResinMold®  is the perfect product for both residential and commercial jobs requiring arches

 and curves. 


  Class 1 Fire rated available in Premium, Wiggly & SuperWiggly Grades

  Meets ASTM-E84 Fire standards


  ResinMold® is a high quality synaptic polymer with memory

  It is a solid product (not a shell) and is flexible


  It is primed a tan color, paints well with oil paints or gel stains

  or water base paints - not good for clear coating

  Use: Interior and Exterior - insect, rot and water resistant


  Flexural Strength:

  The degree of flexibility in any given Resin product is determined by the shape and size of

   its cross-section. Due to the inherent flex characteristics of lineal footage products, they will

   follow some curvature and uneven surfaces. 


  Arches and circles (ie 2 mirrored arches) are made as per the radius.    

  Machinable ResinMold® are blanks to make your own molding

 Custom Products made from ResinMold®  







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