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Imperial Production Materials  Imperial Productions® 


 Material Specifications





    youtube video about ArchPolymer material properties




 It is great for Interior Design and Interior Decoration elements

 such as ceiling medallions  ceiling domes  niches & alcoves 

 crown molding  friezes casings   Boiserie - the art of wall and ceiling decoration 


 Weather resistant for Commercial and Residential Exteriors

 Products include exterior building facades  railings & balusters  door pediments and pilasters

 dentil on board  vented Soffits  fishscale  modillion blocks  triangle brackets 

 Gingerbread and Fretwork




 MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

   Click here for Data Sheet (PDF)





  Building Codes

 As there are numerous dominant Building Codes in existence and practice throughout North America,

 in addition to the many State-level and Provincial codes, Imperial strongly urges specifiers and users to

 refer to their local codes as to the uses of polyurethane foam millwork and building components. 

 As with any polyurethane foam product, they are not designed or sold to provide structural support

 unless otherwise stated (balustrade systems for example). Structural support mechanisms as allowed by

  your local Building Code can be enhanced, but not replaced with polyurethane products. 

  Refer to your local building codes before buying product





  Architect Specifications

  General Description:

 Arch PolymerTM is a high density lite weight synthetic product with the same density as white pine.

 It will not split, crack or rot.  All products come white primed and are ready to paint or faux finish.

 It is suitable for interior and exterior applications.  It is water and insect resistant.


 Customization:  All products can be customized to size and design  

 It is necessary to use the approved adhesive for warranty claims.    


 Architects Specifications


 Part One - General
 A. Description - Internal and/or external architectural details and millwork shall be high-density

      polyurethane as distributed by Imperial Productions and Distribution Inc. 


 Part Two - Submittals
 A. Product Data:

      Submit manufacturer's descriptive literature, specifications, installation instructions and

      limited warranties.


 B. Warranty: Manufacturer's Limited One Year Warranty is to be submitted.


 C. Product Material Specifications:

      Obtain from the manufacturer for submission to the relevant building code authority.


 Part Three - Substitutions
 A. Substitutions from Imperial's specified architectural details and building components will be

      allowed only with the express written consent of the Owner or Architect.


 Part Four - Product Materials
 A. All interior and exterior polyurethane products as distributed

      by Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc. will have an integral barrier coat and a top coat primer

     for a double-primed finish  which provides UV degradation resistance - Final painting by others.


 B. Any polyurethane products as distributed by Imperial are water-resistant.


 C. Any polyurethane products as distributed by Imperial are odor-free and release no gases.


 D. Imperial distributed products are vermin resistant and resistant to mold and mildew.


 E. Imperial's distributed products provide a greater insulating value (R value) than comparable

      wood product.


 Part Five - Delivery, Storage and Installation
 A. Deliver, store and install according to instructions as provided

      by Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc.


 B. Installation instructions as provided by Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc.

      are to be followed completely.  Use only recommended Adhesive available from Imperial for

       installation in addition to mechanical fasteners.  click here for approved adhesive


 C:  Final painting by others is required to protect against UV degradation

       Dark colors will increase UV degradation causing it to expand and contract a higher rates

       It is recommended to use light colors.


 D:  Do not use any solvent based finishing materials or glues near ArchPolymerTM



 Material Specifications

 The manufacturer warrants the following: 


 Physical Properties
 A. Density: The manufacturer's products are made with high density polyurethane foam with an

      overall density similar to White Pine

      Target in place density: 14 pcf

      Molded Cord Density: 14 pcf. (ASTM-D1622)

      Compression Strength:  310 psi (ASTM-D1621)  

      Flexural Strength:  700 psi  (ASTM-D790)

      Shore D Hardness: 37 (ASTM D2240)


      The manufacturing process provides a greater skin density than core density which

      increases durability.


 B. Surface Properties and Finishes:

      All products are produced incorporating a white or wood color barrier coating.

      In addition to this integral barrier coat, all products receive a primer coat with built-in UV inhibitors.

      The combination of the integral shell-like skin, the barrier coat and the primer top coat

      provides an excellent substrate for durable finishes.


 C. Ultra Violet: Ultra Violet rays do not effect properly coated products.


 D. Compressive Strength: Falls within the 300 - 400 P.S.I. range.


 E. Tensile Strength: Falls within the 300 - 400 P.S.I. range.


 F. Flexural Strength:

    The degree of flexibility in any given polyurethane product is determined by the shape and size of

    its cross-section. Due to the inherent flex characteristics of lineal footage products, they will

   follow some curvature and uneven surfaces.


 G. Moisture Resistance:

  The polyurethane has a closed-cell structure which provides protection from most solvents and

  renders it almost completely moisture resistant.


 H. Mildew Resistance:

 All polyurethane products are mold and mildew resistant and cannot be harmed by termites or other



 I. Flammability & Optional Class 1 Fire Rating

 All polyurethane products are combustible when exposed to open flame, as are all wood materials

 unless they have fire retardants in the mix


  Optional Specified Fire Rating:  ASTM-E84  Class 1

  UL Class A (class 1) Flame Spread Index 20,  Smoke Spread Index 350 to 400



 J. Shrinkage:

  All polyurethane materials will expand and contract nominally depending on environmental

 factors such as temperature and humidity. Following the manufacturer's installation instructions and

 recommended Adhesive are provided to best address shrinkage and must be used in order not to

 void warranty.  Butt join ends and use the approved adhesive


 K. Applied finishing materials by others. 

 Do not use solvent based adhesives or paints due to the chemical reaction between

 ArchPolymerTM and the solvents that will dissolve the material.







  Manufacturer's Warranty

 The manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser, it's rigid polyurethane material will be free from

 defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser resides in the home that the

 product was installed when the polyurethane is installed, finish painted and used under recommended

 conditions and instructions. To the original purchaser, for a period of one year from the date of

 purchase, it's white exterior primer paint applied to the polyurethane will be free from blistering

 and pealing when used installed and finished painted under recommended conditions and instructions. 

 The original purchaser and their installers must inspect every piece prior to installation. 

 Both parties must waive all defects which could  have been discovered by reasonable inspection

 prior to installation. 



 Warranty will automatically be void if a non-approved adhesive or solvent based paints or stains are



  Failure to follow the manufacturer's storage and handling instruction will void this limited

 warranty.  In the event that the claim is made under this warranty and conditions had been met, the

 original purchaser must notify the manufacturer within writing within 30 days of making the discovery.


 Manufacturer reserves the right to inspect the defective product on site, or request that the original

 purchase at their expense return the defective product to the manufacturer for inspection.  The

 manufacturer will determine if the product failed, and whether or not it will repair, replace, or refund

 said defective parts.  The manufacturer shall have no liability to any person, firm, or corporation

 whatsoever for incidental or consequential damage such as, but not limited to, labor, finishing, parts

 damaged in transit, freight charges, installation, lost profits, lost sales, acts of nature, civil unrest,

 or acts of terrorism.  No purchaser may take any deduction or credit against any amount owed to the

 distributor Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc., or make any chargeback with regards to a warranty

 claim, without the expressed written consent of the distributor. This limited warranty is exclusive, and

 made in lieu of all other express warranties, whether written, oral, or implied (including any warranty

 or merchant ability or fitness of purpose), and extends only to the original purchaser's purchase. 


 All sales are conducted and executed in Toronto Ontario Canada.  Some states and provinces may not

 allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion and limitations of incidental

 or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions do apply to you as all sales are

 conducted in Toronto Canada and subject to Ontario Law.    




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