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 Enhance the Value of Your Home, Office or Hospitality Facility

 Through Better Design                                                                  


    As a designer of architectural components, homes and commercial projects, I cannot

  stress the importance of enhancing the appearance of your condo, office or house

  for both value and enjoyment.  

  "No one comes into your home and says what great wiring you have" 

                          It is all about the look!


  You get the greatest joy and payback from creating a grand facade for enhanced

  streetscape, remodeling your interior.  Facades, kitchens and bathrooms add the greatest

  value.   Add detail to a room with ceiling and wall Boiserie always keeping in mind

  the principles of design and proportion (ie Phi)  


  Detailed walls and ceilings make small spaces appear larger, just exactly opposite

  of what most people think. 


  Remember do it for yourself and don't be afraid of color or detail.  Taste is very

  subjective and personal and there is no way to appeal to everyone's thoughts of what

  is a pleasing.  Do it for yourself.


  Now it is another thing if you are remodeling for resale.  Quite often you are advised

  to decorate with neutral colors and architectural elements to appeal to the masses. 

  Well that only works if you know your market.  Just because most magazines show

  simple designs, it does not mean that appeals to everyone.


  Don't be afraid to add architectural details even in a modern environment to enhance

  the property value and appeal.   Making a statement can sell a house fast because

  it stands out from the pack!


  Imperial Productions® has everything you could possibly need to make a striking

  design statement from Modern to Traditional. 


  From small spaces to huge mansions, Imperial can supply the DIY home owner or

  custom home builder with the necessary components to create something

  truly amazing.  


  For commercial hotel, bar, restaurants and store fixture contractors our custom

  department is unsurpassed.   


          Let Imperial Productions® be your key source for fabulous architectural

          inspirations and products.             Martin Richards Pres (MRDCI)








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