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 Load Bearing & Decorative







 Imperial offers the most complete collection of Load Bearing Columns and Decorative Columns

 in standard  and custom sizes, half columns & pilasters






 Capitals & Bases Sold Separately




 Modern: Load Bearing & Decorative Post Wraps

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 Classical: Load Bearing & Decorative Post Wraps

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  Explore Design Principles Read how to prolong wood life  Learn about wrapping posts 




  Elegance is achieved with facade colonnades or rooms separated with columns.

 Imperial has over 3000 standard columns, load bearing and decorative.

 Ropes, Octagons, Round, Square, Fluted, Smooth, Reeded

 Custom orders are welcome for small and large quantities to solve design

 problems for Engaged, 1/2 columns, specific heights and diameters. 

 Your design ideas can be created to make your vision a reality.


 Select from an abundance of 24 Hardwoods, GRG-NeoPlasterTM,

 FRP-PolyCompTM , GFRC-ZeamentTM, StoneMoldTM, EPS, PVC

 ArchPolymerTM, Aluminum and Fiberglass

 For rotted columns, we historically recreate them

 Finish your columns with Specialty Paints and Real Metal Coating 




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