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 All Space is Valuable - especially under a deck


  The traditional Pressure Treated deck support posts are not very good looking, in fact

  they really diminish the value of your home.  The space under your deck is very valuable

  for entertainment or storage if it is water proof.


  The big mistake people make is to undersize the columns post covers.

  For sizing consider the deck above, and the proportion to the rest of the house from afar.

  There is nothing worse than "bean poles" holding up a massive deck. 


  To avoid rot, the pressure treated wood posts are often put on concrete pylons which adds to

  their unsightly look.  Imperial has many solutions to cover these support posts and concrete



  Made in two halves, we have PVC, ArchPolymerTM (a synthetic wood), Fiberglass & GFRC

  post covers.  These materials are water, insect and rot resistant, and unlike wood will not warp.


  1) Apply blocking to the 6x6 so that the new post wrap cover has something to attach to. 


  2) Remember to consider a capital.  It is architecturally correct for the capital to exceed the

      horizontal lintel if it is wider than the beam above.  


  3) Attach with screws and simply glue the two halves together. 


  Now you have columns that look substantial and are pleasing to the eye.


  Column Post Covers are found @



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