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 Steel Bracket Supports

   1/4 inch Steel - Primed



These 1/4 inch Steel supports are perfect for overhang granite countertops, enforcement for gazebos or any structural member.  Custom sizes are available 



 Standard       Have it Shipped or Free In-Store Pickup
   6 Inch - Sold Each              2 Pack           4 Pack
 IPBRK06 Steel Bracket 6 inch  IPBRK06-Steel (2 Pack)   IPBRK06-STL 4 Pack



  11 Inch - Sold Each              2 Pack           Custom
 IPBRK11 steel bracket 11 inch    

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 any custom






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  Photo Gallery - 6 Inch

  Drawing for 6 inch steel brackets  



  Photo Gallery - 11 Inch

   drawing for 11 inch steel brackets  



  Photo Gallery - APPLICATION

   use a router to create a space for the bracket

        how to support a granite countertop



 Important Notes on Overhanging Counters                        


 Corbels are not intended to support heavy weights.

 Wood Corbels and can support some weight like a small shelf with glass.

 ArchPolymerTM Corbels have the consistency of White Pine

 GRG-NeoPlaster Corbels are not intended to be load bearing


 Corbels are often used as decorative items that support the overhanging granite countertops.

 This is not a good use of a corbel as the granite is very heavy and people inevitably will sit on

 the countertops from time to time.  


 We recommend the following for Granite Countertops that overhang:


 1) Have your kitchen company install 3/4" plywood on the top of the lower cabinet

    everywhere the granite will be, thus under the granite.

    This adds greatly to the support of the granite.


 2) A 1-1/2" overhang bullnose or build-up on the front of the granite should cover the 3/4" ply


 3) You now have a place to screw the steel bracket

        a) into the plywood   b) into the face gable of the front of the lower cabinet.


 4) You can also embed the steel bracket into the lower cabinet gable and cover it with a finished

     face gable or filler


 5) Now rout out the pattern of the bracket on the back of the corbel and glue, pin or screw

     it in place.  




 Without Prejudice the above message is intended only as a suggestion for the betterment and

 safety of using heavy granite countertops.  Remember Granite is stone and can break under

 variable conditions and is effected by heat/cold variances.

 Always use a professional for installation.




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