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Architectural Product Specifications & Coverage


1) Description

   Passive Fire Barrier is a heavy-bodied, single-part latex designed for use on construction materials

   such as

  Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), framing lumber, plywood, trusses,   

  drywall, doors, and more. 

  May also be used on aluminum and steel sheets, round and box steel columns.


2) Method
When activated by heat or flame, a dense carbon char is formed separating and sheilding the substrate 

 from heat while off gassing displaces oxygen from the treated surface; thus eliminating two of the

 three components needed for combustion.



 3) Features   Chemical Features

 Protects from Heat and Fire

 Smooth Thin Decorative Finish

 All components are non-toxic latex

 Economically priced

 Fast curing times

 Easy Repair

 Fast Drying

 May be sprayed, brushed or Rolled

 Water Clean Up

 Color                              White

 VOC                               24.4 Grams per litre

 Weight (US Gallon)      10.25lbs

 Hazardous Ingredient    None

 WHMIS Class                Not Controlled

 Flammability                  Not Flammable

 Weight Solids                56.2%

 Volume Solids                43.7%

 Specific Gravity             1.29

 ph Range                         8.0 - 8.5



4) Handling Instructions

DO NOT allow this product to freeze. If frozen the intumescing properties of this product may be adversely affected.


Do not allow storage temperature to exceed 100 degrees F (38 C).

If possible, store this product above 65 degrees F (18 C) for 48 hours prior to application

– this will aid you during the application process.


Do not reuse opened paint after 48 hours; the curing process has begun and may affect the

product’s performance.


If you wish to set some paint aside for future touch-up work fill a small clean container

completely with fresh paint from a 5 gallon bucket after it has been mixed as described in the ‘Application’ section below and then seal tightly.




5) Cautions

 Apply only in a well-ventilated environment with adequate respiratory protection as prescribed

 by OSHA for all latex paints.


 Do not ingest; induce vomiting if this happens.

 Avoid contact with eyes; if this happens flush eyes freely with water until all traces of paint are  



 Avoid prolonged contact with skin; paint can be removed with warm water & soap.

 See medical attention as soon as possible




 6) Application Preparation & Recommended Equipment


 VERY IMPORTANT: This product must be mixed thoroughly before application.

 We recommend using a mixing paddle with power drill for a minimum of three (3) minutes at

  highest speed. Concentrate on the bottom of the bucket periodically moving to the middle and top

  areas. Product is properly mixed when: (1) there are no solids attached to the paddle after mixing

  at the bottom and (2) the paint shows a uniform consistency when mixed at the surface.


 DO NOT dilute or thin this product with any other liquid.

 This product may be applied as any other high quality latex based paint: brush, roller,

 airless spray - either gravity feed or suction, or compressed air sprayers.


 Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of any grease, oils or other contaminants. Previous layers of

 paint must be solidly adhered to the surface with no flaking, chipping, or cracks. Bare steel should be

 primed with red oxide primer or its equivalent.


 Spraying is the recommended method of application.

 The minimum recommended spray setup is 2500 psi (172 bar) with a .015 inch tip (.38 mm).

 All  test applications are performed using a Graco XR5 with a .017 inch tip (.43 mm).


 Optimal application temperature is 85 degrees F (29 C);

 do not attempt application below 55 degrees F (13 C).





 All coverage rates (except steel, below) are expressed on a ‘per coat’ basis.

 A single coat is applied at a rate of  130 sq feet per US gallon for 1 coat

            12 sqm) per 3.785 liters for 1 coat

 This is equivalent to a wet coat of 12 mil (.30 mm) that will cure to a dry coat 7 mil thick (.18 mm)

 While under ideal conditions it is possible to apply a single coat of up to 20-22 mil (.50-.55 mm) wet,

 two thin coats are recommended to prevent the possibility of cracking while curing.





SHEETROCK (1/2" drywall gypsum), Requires two coats

OSB (orientated strand board) Requires two coats

PLYWOOD Requires two coats 

STRUCTURAL LUMBER   Requires two coats 

SIPs (structural insulated panels)  Requires two coats






 Requires two coats the second can be applied when the first is dry to the touch.  

 Special consideration needs to be given to the condition of the foam’s surface prior to application.

 Age, type, and method of application affects the surface porosity of PUF.

 Field testing has shown that unless the foam is newly installed and uncut it can absorb a significant

 quantity of paint. In these cases priming with a quality latex primer/sealer such as Ronan Primer.



 The second coat can be applied when the first is dry to the touch.  

 Full curing of both coats takes 72 hours.






 A final dry film coating of 70 mil (1.8 mm) is recommended for adequate protection.

 Under proper conditions it is possible to achieve this with 6 coats of 20 mil (.50 mm) wet.

 Under less than ideal conditions, it may be necessary to apply more than 6 coats at a lesser thickness

 until a total of 120 mil wet (3mm) is achieved. 


 In all cases the next coat may be applied when the prior is dry to the touch




 8) TOP COATING is optional.

 To add color or sheen to surfaces add top coat using virtually any alkyd, or enamel paint as soon

 as the intumescing coating is dry to the touch.

 To top coat with acrylic or latex spray or roll initial color coat


 DO NOT RE ROLL OR TOUCH UP until initial color coat is dry.


 Failure to wait for first color coat application of acrylic/latex to dry may result in the color coat

 smearing or rolling off on the roller.


 Once first color coat of latex/acrylic is dry apply second coat. Top coating does not reduce

  intumescing capability.


 Tinting is possible to pastel shades only. Limit tint to 10% of paint volume.



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