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Japan Colors specialty matte oil based paints for graphic arts and paintings

 Imperial Productions ®            

 Japan Colors

 Specialty Matte Oil-Based Paints

 for Furniture-Cabinet Maker

 Renaissance & Japan Colors

 Graphic Arts & Paintings






 Hiqh quality Flat oil paints for scenic arts, furniture painting

     Matte Finish Oil Based, Lead Free Specialty Paint, Dries Quickly to a Flat Finish 

    Ideal toners for flat paints and can be added to oil based gloss paints to create

    a semi-gloss finish



   * Graphic artists for lettering, striping and stenciling

   * Paintings: Portrait, Landscapes & Modern Creations

   * Furniture-cabinet makers

   * Background for Gilders

   * Scenic Artists can create effects as aging, faux finishes, marbleizing and glazing

      Mix with stains or glazes for wet-in-wet techniques

      Create artistic effects: Dirt, Aging, Smoke Damage and simulated

      Marble and Wood Grain.

                                                                                                                                          * See warning label below PROP65



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    IPJ305 Half Pint      IPJ305 Quart     Request a Quote for other Quanties




    IPJ691 Half Pint French Zinc White       Ronan Japan Colors J691     Request a Quote for other Quanties




   IPJ340 half pint     IPJ340 Quart   Request a Quote for other Quanties




    IPJ353 Half Pint       IPJ353 Quart      Request a Quote for other Quanties





    IPJ316 Half Pint

     IPJ316 Quart        Request a Quote for other Quanties




    IPJ421 Half Pint

  IPJ421 Quart             Request a Quote for other Quanties




  IPA2002  click to order



  IPA2014     click to order




  IPA2021   click to order




  IPA2022   click to order



  IPA2029   click to order




  IPA2003   click to order




  IPA2020   click to order



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  IPA2006   click to order



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  Japan Paints Data Sheet




    The color samples on this page are representative only for reference purposes only.

    Request actual samples before ordering.

    There are variances in computer monitors, mobile devices and human perception of color. 


    Warning: Prop65

    This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to

    cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm

    If you choose to use the product wear protective gloves and masks.



    Warning: Canada Volatile Organic Compound VOC

    Paint is Less than 450 grams / liter

    All are sold in less than 1 liter tins for faux finishes



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