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    Prime-All is fast dry and adheres to most surfaces

   Interior and Exterior Use - Seals, Stain Blocks

   Prevents Bleeds of finish paints

   Covers smoke damage, Stains, Crayon, Graffiti


   Formulated for Weathered Aluminum, Aged Galvanized, Steel, Wood, MDO Plywood

   Regular plywood, Plastics, Ceramics, ArchPolymer, GRG-NeoPlaster Concrete


    Dry Time:  70F (21.1C)  50% Relative Humidity

      To Touch 1 Hour, Handle 2 Hours, Recoat 2 to 3 Hours

      Full Cure 8 Hours


    Application:  Brush / Spray / Roller  



 Prime All Acrylic Primer Water Based

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    Prime All Water Based Acrylic Primer Quart 32 oz         



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    The color samples on this page are representative only for reference purposes only.

    Request actual samples before ordering.

    There are variances in computer monitors, mobile devices and human perception of color. 




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