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Column Base replacements - new historic duplicates

 Imperial Productions ®                               

 Column Base Replacements

 Tuscan & Attic





 From this......


 To this



 Replacing Rotted Bases - Subjects Below

 1) Removing the Old Base

 5) Custom Services

 2) Base Materials

 6) Custom Order Forms

 3) Tuscan Bases  7) Finishing

 4) Attic Bases

 8) Custom Procedures







 Your Rotted Base


  Watch our YouTube movie


  about Base Materials





 Rotted Base Solutions



 If your base is totally rotted inside and out like

 this one, it is unlikely you will be able to save any

 parts of it.


 The base holds the load of the shaft as it bears down

 on the base.


 If the base is still partly good you can cut away

 just the rotted parts with a reciprocating saw and

 retain the good base core that will hold the load. As an option this load plug can be covered with a hollow base made from ArchPolymerTM or FRP-PolyCompTM 




 Removing the Base 3 Options


 This information is provide without prejudice and is intended as a

 guideline only - consult with your local structural engineer for advise and use licensed trades for installation.


 1) Take down the entire column and cut away

     the old base and replace it with a new base or

     we can make you part of the shaft in addition

     to the new base to take the load of the shaft.


 2) Attach 2x8's to the shaft sides to support the

     column weight then cut away the old base totally

     and replace part of the shaft and/or the base only




 3) If the center of the base is still good, cut away

     all the profile sections of the rotted base leaving

     just a load bearing plug that takes the weight of

     the shaft. Now cover this "plug" with a wood

     or non wood hollow base. 

     If you want to purchase a non wood hollow

     base you will need to retain your plug or buy

     a new load bearing plug.




 4) Load on a base is effected by the fixed weight of the column shaft and the additional weight of static loads such as snow and ice.  Pressure on the base is also effected by the stability of the substrate. If a concrete under the plinth is broken, unstable or leaning, it will put undue pressure on the column base, breaking it as the uneven pressure bears down on the base.   All plinths holding the base should have the correct footings at a depth required by your local building codes and be plumb. 

If the base is attached to a wood deck and not a plinth likewise the deck must be plumb so that the weight of the shaft is disbursed evenly.  







 Base Materials



  Watch our YouTube movie


  about Base Materials =>







 Tuscan Bases




 Custom Size Form



 You cannot use interior woods such as Poplar outside


 Exterior Woods include:


 Knotty Pine: Shellac the knots before painting

 Clear Pine: Some knots but small

 Western Red Cedar: Soft but Rot resilient

 White Oak: Extremely Hard


 As solid wood, they carry the load

 of the column shaft         All are custom priced


    hardwood custom tuscan fill in form     







 You can order just a Round Torus or just the Square Plinth







 TUSCAN ArchPolymerTM     Custom Size Form



 ArchPolymerTM is a synthetic composite

 material.  It is rot, water, and insect resistant.

 You can cut it like wood, screw into it.

 Some models come primed. The bases are

 hollow and hold no load.  They simply wrap

 around a shaft and load plug.  


       Custom form for ArchPolymer

      Click for Material Properties



 TUSCAN FRP-PolyCompTM  and FiberCompTM


 These two materials are strong composites know as

 FRP Fiberglass Re-enforced Polymers.  They are made

 from Calcium Carbonate, Marble Chips and Fiberglass

 They are rot, water, and insect resistant.

 They are more difficult to split but can be done

 with a reciprocating saw. They do not come primed.

 The bases are hollow and hold no load.

 They simply wrap around a shaft and load plug.





 Click for Material Properties




 Flexible Moulding Wrap to Replace Broken Torus




 For those that have a broken Torus here are two

 SuperWiggly ResinMold® casings


 Remove the rotten round portion, provide us with

 the circumference of the existing Torus and apply

 your SupperWiggly ResinMold®







 Attic Bases 






 Hardwood provides the ultimate

 Customization for Size as they are all

 made to order.


 Order your new base as a standard

 measurement or we can create the

 base with specific measurements.


 For example if you want the plinth

 to be 4" high instead of 1-3/4"

 It is possible !

 or the round flat to be 8-7/8" instead

 of 8 inches - It is Possible !




   Attic PDF Form  Base and / or Part Column Shaft




 ATTIC FRP-PolyCompTM  and FiberCompTM


 These two materials are strong composites know as

 FRP Fiberglass Re-enforced Polymers.  They are made

 from Calcium Carbonate, Marble Chips and Fiberglass

 They are rot, water, and insect resistant.

 They are more difficult to split but can be done

 with a reciprocating saw. They do not come primed.

 The bases are hollow and hold no load.

 They simply wrap around a shaft and load plug.





 Click for Material Properties






 Service Options





  All of our bases can be ordered split for

   shaft wrap or easier installation. 


  The base is created whole.

  A center hole is cut out so that the load

  bearing shaft can sit in the hole and on the

  substrate.  Then the base is cut in 2 pieces to

  wrap your shaft.


  With a reciprocating saw, cut off the most of

  the existing rotted base. You will be left with

  a load bearing plug.  If the center of your base

  is still good, then the shaft will reside on this

  remaining plug. 

  The new wood base will go around your

  existing plug. Glue the two pieces together.



 Link for Article

   Read how to prolong wood life      







  Similar to the hardwood bases, a non wood

  ArchPolymerTM or PolyCompTM base can be

  ordered split for reassembly around the

  load bearing plug.  Specify straight cut or

  cut on the diagonal.





  If you find the base you think will work, but it is not the right size, we can customize

  a hollow ArchPolymerTM base.  Say for example you required the plinth to be higher than

  the standard model,  a request for quote can be made to create a modified custom base.

  Changing the hole size is more expensive than modifying the plinth size












 <= Larger











 Custom Forms



 How to Order a Custom Base:


  Send us an email with your name, address and phone number


  We need to know the following:


  1) Select from   a) Solid Hardwood 

                            b) Hollow ArchPolymerTM  

                            c) Hollow FRP-PolyCompTM


  2) What is the shaft Diameter at the bottom of the shaft that the new base will sit on or wrap

       Simply take a string and wrap it around the shaft - provide the length of the string

       This is the circumference of the bottom of the shaft


  3) Will the standard models work for you or do you need customization


  4) If Custom is needed Fill out the following PDF form below and send it to us

      with the measurements filled in on the form


  5) How many bases do you need


  6) Send us photos of your situation - the more we know the better we can help you !




  Tuscan PDF Form

 Base and / or Part Column Shaft 

   Attic PDF Form

  Base and / or Part Column Shaft













  All of our medallions can be metal coated in real metal

   Select from bronzes, silvers, golds, coppers for

   a special look.   


   Suited well for the discerning client

   or commercial endeavor






  All of our medallions can be ordered Painted or in

  the case of Hardwood - stained


  Select from our many historical colors of paints or

  specify your brand and number








 Custom Procedures



Design Process 

 CAD or Concept Drawings to New Creation is Required


Imperial Productions is a Design House offering custom designs and historic reproductions of architectural creations for the exclusive home or commercial offices and hospitality buildings.

 You Supply a CAD Drawing

 We will provide a custom quote as per your CAD drawing & details

 Include Elevations / Plan Views / Section Highlights

 A full quote will be provided.  If you have Photos, Renderings or broken

 parts they are helpful for design clarity


 Photo or Rendering Supplied Only

 From a photo we can provide an approximate budget price

 This price does not constitute a firm quote

 For a firm quote we require a CAD drawing and details

 If you do not have CAD drawing Imperial can be commissioned for

 design services that include Elevations / Plan Views / Section Highlights


 The cost of the CAD drawings will be quoted and can be applied to the

 production of the commission




 Acceptance of the Quote




  For Custom Orders Full payment is required

  1)  Money Orders

  2)  Company Checks

  3)  Money Wire Transfers

  We do not accept Cash or Credit Card on Custom Orders



 our Terms


  click for=>    Imperial Sales Policy


  All custom orders cannot be cancelled for any reason




  Once Accepted, Timing starts from the time you sign

  the shop drawings not the Quote Date




  Once you accept the quote and sign off on the shop drawings,

  the custom product(s) will be made to the closest measurements that

  manufacturing allows (providing for manufacturing tolerances)


  Shop drawings are made as a courtesy for detail confirmations. They must

  be signed back within 10 days or production begins without them. 

  Any major changes noted on the shop drawings will be considered as

  extras and will be quoted accordingly as a schedule B which must be paid

  prior to production. 


  The application of the product to the job site is the responsibility of the

  architect, designer, structural engineer, or contractor.

  No affixing hardware is supplied.


  Any custom products are made all sales final and cannot be exchanged

  or returned









  Call us at 1-800-399-7585 or Email


  and send your photos for our review





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  * Prices are net, Freight, Taxes & Duties charged where applicable otherwise client is responsible for remittance

  * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

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