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Imperial Productions ®                               

 Custom Columns

 Tuscan Style




All of our Tuscan Columns can be customized

Select: Heights, Diameters, Entasis (taper), Split for post wrap




 Customization Subjects on this page

 Custom PDF Forms


 New Hardwood  Custom Procedures

 Restoration & Historic Duplicates


 PolyComp & FiberComp (Load Bearing)






 Custom Forms



 Round Tuscan Columns PDF Forms

 Composite Non Tapered    Composite Tapered    Hardwood only

  Tuscan non-tapered custom form for composites columns

  Tuscan tapered composite custom form




 Round Tuscan Columns PDF Forms

 Hardwood Non Tapered    Hardwood Tapered    Hardwood only

custom non tapered hardwood form  

  custom hardwood tapered form 




 Round Tuscan Columns PDF Forms

 Composite Non Tapered    Hardwood only    Hardwood only






 How to Order a Custom Column:


  Send us an email with your name, address and phone number


  We need to know the following:


  1) Select from   a) Hardwood 

                            b) FRP-PolyCompTM   FRP-FiberCompTM

                            c) ArchPolymerTM  


  2) What is the total height of the column including capital and base


  3) If Custom is needed Fill out the following PDF forms below and send it to us

      with the measurements filled in on the form


  5) How many columns do you need















 MATERIAL: 24 Hardwoods


   Hardwood columns provide the most flexibility

  for customization, from splitting for post wrap

  to wedging for outside and inside corners

  to specific heights and diameters





 Exterior Woods include:

 Knotty Pine:  Shellac the knots before painting

 Clear Pine: Some knots but small

 Western Red Cedar: Soft but Rot resilient

 White Oak: Extremely Hard


 Interior Woods include

 Red Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Beech,  Sap-Maple (very white)  Cherry, Alder, Bass, Ash


 All columns over 4" are hollow with 1-1/2" solid wood stave walls

 They are sold decorative but can be ordered with a solid core to carry loads

 or you can order a custom steel post

 Consult with your structural engineer and adhere to local building codes



 Hardwood Service Options


 Hardwood provides the ultimate customization for Size as they are all made to order

 They are made in 5 parts and each part can be customized


 Order your new columns with standard measurement or we can create the parts with specific

 measurements to match your needs or historic reproductions


 The Walls are solid kiln dried hardwood 1-1/2 inches thick with no veneers 

 Each wall stave is glued together and is stronger than one piece and avoids cracking as

 would happen with a single piece of wood that dries out and cracks


 For example if you want the plinth to be 4" high instead of 1-3/4"   It is possible !

 or the round flat to be 8-7/8" instead of 8 inches - It is Possible !






 Shaft Variances: Specify Height


 Specify the total height of the shaft including the Capital and Base

 We will calculate the shaft height excluding the cap and base




 Shaft Variances: Non-Tapered or Tapered

  You can specify if

  the shaft is tapered

  or non-tapered

  and the degree of







 Top and Bottom of the shaft  

 has the same Diameter




 A gradual increase of diameter 2/3rds

 down the shaft. The correct entasis

 means it goes straight at the bottom

 1/3 of the shaft



 Shaft Variance: Smooth to Fluted Ratio


  All shafts can be made Fully Smooth

  or Fully Fluted with 12 or 24 Flutes


  Partly smooth or fluted or a combination is available


  Select from

  a) the last third, smooth as shown here


  b) the last third, Fluted with 12 or 24 Flutes



 Shaft Variance: Split for post wrap or Engaged




 All of our columns can be ordered split for

  post wrap around a load bearing post

  We do sell load bearing steel posts

  custom sized - round and square


  Specify if you need the caps and base

  to have a hole for the load bearing post


  Columns can be ordered split to go around

  inside & outside corners

  or engaged portions splits against a wall    







 Capital & Base Variance: Specify Measurements

 The hardwood

 capitals and bases

 can be

 made to any size

 since they are

 independent of the












 Hardwood Historic Duplicates


 We can produce exact duplicates of your historic columns

  We need all the measurements, "dead-on" photos

  and / or  drawings specifying all the parts


 Rotted Column Components



 If for example, your column base is totally rotted

 inside and out like this one,  it is unlikely you will be

 able to save any parts of it


 The base holds the load of the shaft as the

 shaft bears down on the base


 If the base is salvageable, you can cut away

 just the rotted parts with a reciprocating saw and

 retain the good base core that will hold the shaft load



 Removing the Column & Saving a Portion of it


 Take down the entire column and cut away

 the old base and rotted part of the column.  We can

 replace the base and shaft portion as shown here


 Photo is of an attic style





 Info Link for Article

   Read how to prolong wood life      








 PolyCompTM & FiberCompTM




 MATERIAL: PolyCompTM  and FiberCompTM


 These two materials are strong composites know as

 FRP Fiberglass Re-enforced Polymers.  They are made

 from Calcium Carbonate, Marble Chips and Fiberglass

 They are rot, water, and insect resistant.

 They are more difficult to split but can be split with a diamond blade

 or reciprocating saw.

 The bases and caps are hollow and hold no load and wrap the shaft

 The load is born on the shaft





 Click for Material Properties



 Service Options: PolyCompTM 


  Whole columns are load bearing as per the specified shaft load

 however you can order PolyCompTM Split to wrap a steel post


  Once Split they cease to be load bearing

       a) Split for pilaster or

       b) Split for Post Wrap


 There is an option to be white painted

 The bases are made from FRP and the capitals from







 Service Options: FiberCompTM




 Whole columns are load bearing as per the specified shaft load

 however you can order them split.


 FiberCompTM has a higher level of customization 

 offering the following Split options


 * Split for Post Wrap - 2 equal parts

 * Wedged for an outside corner

 * Cut out for wrapping a wall

 * Split for an Inside Corner

 * Engaged Slice to go up against a wall  


 There is no option to be painted

 The bases and capitals are made from ArchPolymerTM














 MATERIAL: ArchPolymerTM


 ArchPolymerTM is a synthetic composite material. 

 It is rot, water, and insect resistant. 

 You can cut it like wood and screw into it.  

 Some models come primed.








 Click for Material Properties



 Service Options: ArchPolymerTM


 ArchPolymerTM shafts are split and are not load bearing

 We do sell steel posts that are custom made to size to hold loads


 The capitals and bases are whole but can be ordered split


 The material is very easy to cut with a manual saw to

 adjust shaft heights.  There is no customization to shafts


 Capitals and bases can be modified slightly in certain cases. 

 For example the plinth (bottom square) can be made

 higher but the hole cannot be modified.


 ArchPolymerTM can be ordered painted









 Flexible Moulding Wrap to Replace Broken Torus




 For those that have a broken Torus here are two

 SuperWiggly ResinMold® casings


 Remove the rotten round portion, provide us with

 the circumference of the existing Torus and apply

 your SupperWiggly ResinMold®













  All of our columns can be metal coated in real metal

   Select from bronzes, silvers, golds, coppers for

   a special look.   


   Suited well for the discerning client

   or commercial endeavor






  All of our columns can be ordered Painted or in

  the case of Hardwood - stained


  <= Select from our many historical colors of paints or

  specify your brand and number








 Custom Procedures




 Quotes - send us forms and photos



 A Quote will be provided prior to accepting an order


 Provide us with your Ship to & Bill to Address, phone number

 All orders are paid in full prior to production






  1-888-244-1083 or 416-264-6098




 Acceptance of the Quote




  For All Orders Full payment is required

  1)  Money Orders

  2)  Company Checks

  3)  Money Wire Transfers

  We do not accept Cash or Credit Card on Custom Orders



 our Terms


  click for=>    Imperial Sales Policy


  All orders cannot be cancelled for any reason




  Once Accepted, Timing starts from the time you sign

  the shop drawings not the Quote Date




  Once you accept the quote and sign off on the shop drawings,

  the custom product(s) will be made to the closest measurements that

  manufacturing allows (providing for manufacturing tolerances)


  Shop drawings are made as a courtesy for detail confirmations. They must

  be signed back within 10 days or production begins without them. 

  Any major changes noted on the shop drawings will be considered as

  extras and will be quoted accordingly as a schedule B which must be paid

  prior to production. 


  The application of the product to the job site is the responsibility of the

  architect, designer, structural engineer, or contractor.

  No affixing hardware is supplied.


  Any custom products are made all sales final and cannot be exchanged

  or returned









  Call us at 1-800-399-7585 or Email


  and send your photos for our review





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