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  Imperial Productions ®                               

 Custom Mouldings

  Hand Carved Hardwoods

  Machine made from Molder

  Flexible ResinMold

  we can create anything







 Imperial offers various services for custom mouldings

 a) Custom knives for creating exact duplicates of existing moulding

 b) Hand carved hardwood mouldings

 c) Curved and Arched Mouldings made from ResinMold



 Custom Department Procedures =>

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 Custom Moulding Matching

 Step 1) Photos & Architectural Drawings

             of the Existing Moulding


 Overall Position:

 Provide us with a photos or architectural scaled drawings

 of your application area.  This will ensure that we understand where the base is to be

 situated in reference to other parts of the building.


 Overall Details:

 Provide us with photos or architectural scaled drawings of your required moulding


  We need:

  The total height, width and depth including all the parts of the base



  Micro Measurements:

  If it is to match an existing moulding - fax us a tracing

  for exact duplication





 Step 2: For Exact Reproductions: The Design Process


  a) If you are a qualified architect or designer

      - supply us with CAD drawings - plan views / cross sections / elevations

      - For specific details in the Column

        Supply us with a separate detail drawing that shows depths,

        widths and heights of the detail. 


        Manufacturing cannot interpret an artistic rendering as a specific

        detail showing 3 dimensions.

        Indicate how deep, wide and high each detail is to be.

        If no drawing is available,  Manufacturing will assess the detail to the

        best of their ability as they are hand carved.


        simple sketches, photos, or renderings are not architectural drawings


  b) If you cannot supply CAD drawings 

      - Plan views / cross sections / elevations / specific details in 3D 

        must be made in order to create a quotation

      - There is a charge for design service, inquire for fee schedules


      Imperial's Custom Department offers the design services of

      Martin Richards Design and Contracting Inc.



  c) If you can - supply us with the Broken Baluster




 Step 3) How Many Lengths do you Need


 1) How many Lengths are Required


 2) Are all the lengths straight or are they curved


 3) For Curved walls supply the radius




 Step 5) Price Quote


 Pricing the Products:

 Once drawings are received from a qualified architect or designer or you have

 engaged the services of MRDCI, a detailed written quote with delivery and

 approximate time frame for production will be generated.

 Custom items are subject to longer timeframes. 


 Upon the acceptance of the quotation, the quote form and drawings

 must be signed.  All custom orders are fully prepaid in advance and

 cannot be cancelled, exchanged or returned




 Step 6) Production

  a) Production of Stand Alone Elements

      All custom carvings are sold as unfinished hand carved wood products. 

     There may be slight variances in each piece.

     There is no guarantee that subsequent orders would have the exact details

     upon re-orders.


   b) Production of Duplicates

       If the single wood carving is used as a plug to create a mold, duplicates

       can be cast for your commission in StoneMoldTM, ResinMold®  ,

       ArchPolymerTM or Plaster.  Mold charges apply.


  Imperial offers various Freight options by common carrier

  - enquire about rates


  The intellectual copyright of the final product resides with

  Martin Richards Design and Contracting Inc.



 Custom ResinMold® Forms for Curves-Arches

    click for Custom 1/2 circle arch pdf form      True Half Circle Arch

  click for PDF Fill in Form

   custom pdf fill in form for curves           Concave / Convex Curve

  click for PDF Fill in Form

  custom resinmold for circles pdf form            Circle

  click for PDF Fill in Form

  custom form eyebrow arch      Eyebrow Arch

  click for PDF Fill in Form

  Extended Eyebrow arch      Extended Eyebrow Arch

  click for PDF Fill in Form

  Custom ResinMold installation notes      Installation Notes

  click for PDF Fill in Form



 Example of Custom Flexible Frieze-Rinceau


 MRDCI Rinceau drawing  MRDCI Rinceau Drawing













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