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 Imperial Productions®

 Custom Domes

 Interior & Exterior


 Made to Your Specifications



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 Any Size and designed dome can be

 produced.  The material of choice is



 Most domes multi-part made in

 segments that fit together with a tongue

 and grove design.  Embedded into the

 tongue is plywood for easy screw install

 Metal hangers are also on many models





 Domes for Exterior are made from Fiberglass


 Most domes multi-part made in segments that fit

 together with bolts. For load bearing exterior roof

 domes submit your drawing from a structural

 engineer for pricing





 Lunettes are actually half domes and are at the

 tops of niches

 They can be huge for the interior alcoves of

 a room or exterior used in vaulted ceilings


 Interior Lunettes are made from GRG-NeoPlaster

 and Exterior from Fiberglass





Design Process 

 CAD or Concept Drawings to New Creation is Required


Imperial Productions is a Design House offering custom designs and historic reproductions of architectural creations for the exclusive home or commercial offices and hospitality buildings.

 You Supply a CAD Drawing

 We will provide a custom quote as per your CAD drawing & details

 Include Elevations / Plan Views / Section Highlights

 A full quote will be provided.  If you have Photos, Renderings or broken

 parts they are helpful for design clarity


 Photo or Rendering Supplied Only

 From a photo we can provide an approximate budget price

 This price does not constitute a firm quote

 For a firm quote we require a CAD drawing and details

 If you do not have CAD drawing Imperial can be commissioned for

 design services that include Elevations / Plan Views / Section Highlights


 The cost of the CAD drawings will be quoted and can be applied to the

 production the commission





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