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Custom Sized Acorn Pediments from Imperial

  Imperial Productions®

 Custom Sized

 Acorn Pediments







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 Build Your own Pediment


 1) Replacement Options
 2) Custom Services
 4) Pediment Materials
 5) Finishing
 6) Custom Procedures







 Replacement Options



 Solutions to your Rotted Pediment


 If your pediment is totally rotted - it is time to replace it

 Imperial provides two solutions


 1) duplicate the pediment exactly how as it is now

     Made from a non-wood composite ArchPolymerTM


 2) take a standard model and modify it to your size

     requirements - a less expensive option






 Custom Services




 Unique Designs


 Concept Drawings to New Product    Send us CAD drawings for a quote






 Historic Reproductions


  Send us Photos of the broken pediment, historic photos of a former pediment, or drawings

 of the pediment with measurements specific Width, Depth, Height


  We will do a quote for you.   Upon acceptance, if you want an exact duplication of specific

  parts you can send us the broken pieces so that a new pediment can be created





 Size Variances

 An Existing Model Made Bigger or Smaller


 We can take one of our standard models and modify it to a different size or variation

 In this case the volutes were made wider, the fascia board was made smaller





 Attention to Details


   There are a few points that should be considered


   A) Do you want a whole acorn or urn or a 1/2 element that goes up against a wall 

   B) Do the Volutes (curly part) exceed the Fascia Moulding (C) as shown here

   C) Does the Fascia require a header - a rectangular band under the moulding ?

   D) Depth - how deep is each part - please think in 3D





     Half Urn that goes up against the wall or a full urn





  Now you know about the details select a

 Acorn Pediments PDF Fill in Forms 















 For Historic accuracy Imperial can produce an exact duplicate of  your existing pediment in

 Hardwood both carved and milled.  You cannot use interior woods such as Poplar outside.

 In fact. we discourage you from using  Poplar or Basswood as it is too hairy and absorbent when

 painting or staining. 


 Exterior Woods include:

 Knotty Pine: Shellac the knots before painting

 Clear Pine: Some knots but small

 Western Red Cedar: Soft but Rot resilient

 White Oak: Extremely Hard


 Interior Wood Selection:

 Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak, Maple, Alder, Knotty Pine, White Oak etc 


 All are custom priced






 ArchPolymerTM is a synthetic composite

 material.  It is rot, water, and insect resistant.

 You can cut it like wood, screw into it.

 They are primed white. The backs are often

 hollow but the walls are thick. 

 Solid back is an option







  To install an ArchPolymerTM pediment use our construction adhesive on the back.

  If the substrate is brick use Tapcons by predrilling holes for the screws. If the substrate

  is stucco or siding use long - preferably no rust nickel screws and cover the countersunk

  head with our spackling compound. 


 Click for Material Properties







 Any of our models are available in  GRG-NeoPlasterTM for interior use only


 It is a Light Weight Alpha Gypsum strong enforced plaster material

 that meets Class A or ASTM-E84 fire codes.

 It is 2-3lbs per sq foot for interior  architectural elements.

 Simply tape and mud the pediment to a wall above a door. They are supplied hollow but can be

  special ordered with solid backs  Select your model and we can quote it for you


  Examine our extensive standard line of medallions @ imperialfacades.com


  click for GRG-NeoPlaster Material Properties






 a Cement Composite


 Pediments can be custom made in GFRC-ZeamentTM for exterior use


  ZeamentTM is a lite weight composite consisting of Portland Cement, sand, aggregates,

  alkali resistant fiber, polymer, adhesives and water.  

  Glass fibers re-enforce the product resulting in a stronger material than normal

  concrete. ZeamentTM is a 1/2" thick laminate re-enforced with steel and usually installed by drywall,

   millwork and masonry contractors.

  It is lightweight enough to reduce the amount of structural steel required for a building, much less

  than 40lbs per square foot for

  precast concrete yet strong enough to be used in hurricane and earthquake zones. 

  GFRC can be used for columns, cornice, frieze,

  wall panels, domes, finals, pediments balustrades and more. 


  ZeamentTM can be supplied

  1) Smooth paint grade finish

  2) Internally pigmented in 12 colors

  3) Sandblasted to achieve the look of stone


  click for GFRC Zeament Material Properties






 Finishing Options




  All of our Pediments  can be metal coated in real metal

   Select from bronzes, silvers, golds, coppers for

   a special look.   


   Suited well for the discerning client

   or commercial endeavor






  All of our Pediments can be ordered Commercially

   Painted or in the case of Hardwood - stained and clear coated


  Select from our many historical colors of paints or

  specify your brand and number









 Custom Procedures





 Quotes - send us forms and photos



 A Quote will be provided prior to accepting an order


 Provide us with your Ship to & Bill to Address

 All orders are paid in full prior to production



  email: sales@imperialproductions.com



  1-888-244-1083 or 416-264-6098




 Acceptance of the Quote




  For Custom Orders Full payment is required

  1)  Money Orders

  2)  Company Checks

  3)  Money Wire Transfers

  We do not accept Cash or Credit Card on Custom Orders



 our Terms


  click for=>    Imperial Sales Policy


  All custom orders cannot be cancelled for any reason




  Once Accepted, Timing starts from the time you sign

  the shop drawings not the Quote Date




  Once you accept the quote and sign off on the shop drawings,

  the custom product(s) will be made to the closest measurements that

  manufacturing allows (providing for manufacturing tolerances)


  Shop drawings are made as a courtesy for detail confirmations. They must

  be signed back within 10 days or production begins without them. 

  Any major changes noted on the shop drawings will be considered as

  extras and will be quoted accordingly as a schedule B which must be paid

  prior to production. 


  The application of the product to the job site is the responsibility of the

  architect, designer, structural engineer, or contractor.

  No affixing hardware is supplied.


  Any custom products are made all sales final and cannot be exchanged

  or returned







  Call us at 1-800-399-7585 or Email  sales@imperialproductions.com


  and send your photos for our review




  How to Order Products  1-800-399-7585     416-264-6096  

  email: sales@imperialproductions.com

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