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 Design Proportions



 "The Golden Rule"







 Design Proportions and Guidelines


  We are always asked about the proportion of  component placement in various applications. 

 For example, how big should a ceiling medallion be in  reference to the chandelier,

 or how large should columns be.  


  There are natural proportions that one should adhere to, however like all design projects it is also a

  matter of taste.   Sometimes one looks at a presentation and says

  "I just can't put my finger on what is wrong", well this is because they have ignored the

   natural order of 1/3 to 2/3 ratio. 


 We will examine the natural order of the "Golden Rule" in the following article.  

                                                                                     Martin Richards Design




 What is the Golden Rule (PHi)


  PHi (1.618)

 The Ancient Greeks around 300 BC realized that there was a ratio that

 represented the natural proportions of both humans and art / architecture.  


 In simple terms, it is approximately a 1/3rd to 2/3rds ratio.

 This calculation is handy in sizing Medallions, dividing walls with wainscotting

 and Boiserie or dividing columns, cabinetry etc.




 Using the Golden Rule for Medallion Sizing



 Medallion and

 Expansion Ring







   PHi (1.618) is known as the golden rule


  If your Chandelier has a diameter of 18" (45.7cm)

              take the 18" x 1.618 = 29" (73.6cm)


  The medallion diameter is in the correct proportions

  at 29" (73.6cm)

  Expansion Rings


  To enlarge an existing ceiling medallion or add to a new one,

  simply add a ceiling expansion ring to achieve the PHi ratio.



  Link to Expansion Rings



  Learn more click here=> learn about the history of the medallion




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